Cebú, hope is across the river

From Cebu, the Philippines, we have received news and testimony from our sisters, whom participate in the child nutrition program.

We were told that every day arrives like 40 children’s between 3 and 4 years old, whom the majority lives in poverty, these children’s eating only once a day, and probably just the food the program supply them, the sisters give them vitamins due to their low physical conditions, and money for buying medicines, since the healthcare at the Philippines in not free.

Some of the kids will arrive having 40  degrees of fiber, with infected wounds, bites by bugs and mosquitoes, and most of the kids will have caries , due to lack of hygiene and bad nutrition, since they don’t drink milk because it is very expensive.

The sisters tell us that alongside the given daily food, and the glass of milk in the morning, the kids will be taught to wash their hands before eating, and to brush their teeth afterwards, following the best practice of the health and hygiene program.

Every month they will dedicate one day to celebrate a birthday party to all of the kids ,whom born in the same month, by having the kids favorite special dish – spaghettis.

As well the sisters will tell us in a concerned way, that these children’s will need to cross a some dangerous obstacle in their way home, like crossing a river over a narrow bridge without proper safety fences, After crossing the river and passing a dark tunnel the floor becomes muddy with full of stones, where you will find on the right and left sides, some kind of holes which supposed to be their houses. Sisters testimonies: “the houses are like caves – four square meters, with only one hanging bulb, without proper ventilation, and having only one bed for all of the family members (…)”

“A place which is not conditioned for human beings, is more like a place where animal can live in”


We need to be grateful for everything we have and had in our life!

If you want to know this proyect, go to The “Dreamland“ Project in Cebu (Filipinas)