Violeta, a student in Matola (Mozambique): “I am what I am, thanks to you all”

We have received great news and big gratitude to Delwande from Matola (Mozambic)
The sister Maribel has proclaimed to finish the construction of the new sewing room in order to promote and help the womans in Mozambic
To the presented date on every morning /evening a group of youngsters and mothers of the children’s from the Nhellety project, will gather to receive sewing lessons at the new location
The Sisters have a total of 11 children in an internal regime, taken care by the support of Delwende. Violeta, one of the 11 children’s, has expressed her gratitude in very lovely and special letter.
Translation of this letter from the Consolación Sisters:
“Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude about all of what was done for me
My Name is Violeta Anastância, I’m 16 years old, and I’m the eldest of my 3 brothers, My mother’s name is Anastância, and my father, I don’t really know him, but I would like to meet and give him a big hug.
I have born in Maputo, and currently I reside in Matola at my ancestral house, I live in my grandmother’s house, with my mom and her brothers, since no one has his own house.
I have started to go to school when I had 8 years, and thanks God I hadn’t had to repeat any year , I’m a very good student thanks to the help of Jesus, before knowing this project I used not to go to school, and stay at home playing
One day I met a friend called Alaica, she was receiving on a daily basis extra lessons at the house of the Sisters of the Consolación, Alicia and I liked a lot to play games.
One day Alicia have invited me to join her extra lessons at the house of the Sisters of the Consolación, I have agreed to go with her, although in the beginning I was a bit restless, since I was thinking on all the fun l will lose back at home, eventually participating in these classes have allowed me to learn a lot.
The sisters have taught me much, and in fact I started to like a lot to study and started to go by myself to these classes, during the classes I have learned quickly to read and write the alphabet and other related topics.
I have also learned to dance to the Church songs, during the Eucharist ceremony related to the Nhellety project, after about a year of dancing and singing I was named to be in charges of these extra classes
After a while, visiting the classes, I heard about a group of girls whom plan to join a boarding school, I have felt bad since this year I was not able to join this boarding school, but the sister Ama María has advised it will be possible for me to join the boarding school by next year, giving this news I was happy to know I will be able to get a good education and to get acquainted with friends from my social class.
Today, thanks to God I feel that my dream came true, I joined happy and healthy to the boarding school, in the beginning missed my family, but later I got used to my new family over the boarding school.
Currently I’m on my second career year specializing in tourism, I love my studies and I get the full support of my family. I just ask God to help me to study and to become a hostelry women entrepreneur
I wish to share my gratitude with who have helped me to join this boarding school, I very happy for the things I have achieved and will achieve in the future. I couldn’t have imagined that God would bless me like this, you the Sisters are a great blessing, thank you very very much from the bottom of my heart.
When I will finish my career and will have a job, I will help to the needed ones, and will help my family and my little brothers.
Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart , I am what I am thanks to you all. “Violeta Anastância. (Message translated)

If you want to know this proyect, go to Primary needs of “House of Joy” and Elementary School in Matola (Mozambique)