Collaboration is everything

A while ago, talking about cooperative work as an educational innovation, this image appeared with its legend: “collaboration is everything”. When I saw it, I immediately thought that we had to use it for something more, since the image seemed to say so much:

What if we use it as a symbol of a solidary innovation as well? And, what if we give it a new perspective? COLLABORATION CHANGES EVERYTHING.

Why not? Why be lazy in holding out a hand that grasps another one that grasps one more, and that one to another one… and change the world? Could it be that it’s not sloth but instead fear?

And thinking about this question I stop and think: But, what makes me a coward? Why is it so difficult for me to take the first step?

Sometimes I believe that what they are going to ask me is beyond my reach; if I get involved, it will be the end of me! Because I imagine I have to take on everything alone. But I am nobody!

But after that, when I look at it from a distance, I see that that this is not what I’m needed for. They are only looking for me to make my own small contribution that, with other people’s contribution, as little as mine or infinitely bigger, will form a huge extraordinary mountain.

Wow! Looking at this in this way, it seems simple. And I understand that it’s only about collaborating by being there, cheering, suggesting, supporting… Being a part of this.

In fact, they only want me to leave myself in God’s hands and when I’m sheltered and protected, to walk with them.

And I thought they would demand something from me! And it turned out they were only looking to make me happy. How didn’t I figure it out before! I now see everything crystal clear. This is truly innovation!

Really, collaboration changes everything. Moreover, collaboration changes everyone.

Written by Ana Bellido

Translated by Adrian Chapple