Urges for a universal ethic

Urges for a universal ethic

Consisting of:

Development of a culture of peace and non-violence

Strong anti-war opinion as a way for  conflict resolution

Opposition to any arms race

Respect for: life, people, animals, trees and plants

Environmental care, “our common home” (Papa Francisco)

Solidarity, which is not only share but also and above all social justice

Possibility, for the poor and most vulnerable

Respect for freedom, equality and inviolable dignity of every person

Economic order, prioritizing human development over economic development

Simple life style, economical and modest against the wild consumerism driven by the system

Transparency and honesty in finance

Macro-ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue

Open minded to pluralism, respect for cultural diversity, religious and political

Acknowledgement that no human being is illegal

Awareness that we are citizens of the world, rather than this or that country.

The Universal ethics open the way towards building another world full of peace and justice, in order to make our world a place of fraternal encounter, full of love and mercy.

Written by Fernando Bermúdez