Bankia Solidarity card with Delwende

The NGO Delwende has reached an agreement with Bankia by all people who have bank accounts in branches of Bankia can collaborate free with our NGO becoming a solidarity card.

It is as simple as:

1. Requests the office of Bankia your credit or debit card is supportive and the NGO beneficiary is Delwende al Servicio de la Vida.

2. Use it for your purchases!

3. Half of the benefits that Bankia get by use in shops of your card will be to support our social purposes.

4. Moreover you save the cost of your card, because if you give the enclosed letter, the fee of your card ia completely FREE! just being supportive.

In this way so simple you collaborate to meet with our social purposes.


Being Solidario has never been easier! approach your Bankia office and bring the following document, which contains the Code Promotional Campaign..

Document whith campaign code: Document for Solidarity Campaign Bankia cards

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