Project supported in Current budget Nursery and Dining Room “Escolinha” in Inhambane (Mozambique)

The construction project of this Escolinha is called as the followers because so with this name, children are identified in the country by the fact that those who are to secure the future of the country and we wanted to … More

Project supported in Current budget Social Centre for Orphans in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)

School and Shelter for orphans of mothers/fathers who have died of AIDS. The Centre offers pre-school education according to their age, plus the required food and basic hygiene. It currently accepts 71 boys and girls aged between three and six … More

Project supported in Current budget Primary School in Safané (Burkina Faso)

The project “Educating people to build the future” was launched in Safané  by Delwende and Sisters of Consolation in 1998-1999 with one main objective: the training ( teaching and education ) of children and young people to contribute to the … More

Project supported in Current budget All-Female School in Dedougou (Burkina Faso)

Delwende began this project and the campaign “Educate a woman and you’ll save a town” in 1997. In the secondary school “María Rosa Molas”, in Dedougou, there are 352 young girls aged between 11 and 23 years old studying. The students … More

Project supported in Current budget Nutrition and Training Center in Leticia. Supe Puerto (Peru)

The project dining-room in Leticia San Juan Diego aims to running a stable soup kitchen in which people who need it and are given training to improve their future based on its present situation, age and outlook . Delwende has … More