Project supported in Current budget The “Dreamland“ Project in Cebu (Filipinas)

Dreamland is a project dedicated to children, because nobody better than they need to have a dream that drives them to build their future. Also we dare to dream from this small center where children, to develop their skills through … More

Project supported in Current budget Cottolengo “Don Orione” in Rio Cuarto (Argentina)

This residence for handicapped and abandoned people was created in 1971, and it runs thanks to Delwende since 2003, assisting senior residents, sick and abandoned people. To provide appropriate nursing to the interns, it is necessary to have qualified staff … More

Proyecto Acompañar en Huelva

Project supported in Current budget Project “Acompañar” in Huelva (Spain)

The purpose of the proyect “Acompañar” (“to accompany”) is to help women, regardless their nationality, alone or with children, who are recovering from an illness, suffer abandonment or a lack of an income to face such situations, and therefore are temporally unable to carry on with their normal lives.