Here we have various forms of collaboration with Delwende but you can also propose any other formula that comes to mind, we will study it and in any case we were very grateful.

You can become a member of Delwende

This is a domiciled periodic quota with the amount of money you choose. It is a very useful form to collaborate by the possibility of being able to plan projects on economic ground safe. Just fill out the form below:

Become a member

You can make a donation on time

For this you can use this other form Donate

There are many ways to work whith your company

We all know that entrepreneurs, small, medium and large are the bread winner of society, have a great responsibility in employment and therefore they are completely linked to society and obviously to the economy. It is evident the solidarity value of the company, however since your collaboration Delwende insists that solidarity have not limits and any help is great in the effort involve and in the moral reinforcement that is acquired, however is small for the needs existing. In addition, working with Delwende may find interesting in two issues: TAX ADVANTAGES, and VISIBILITY of your company through of Delwende as explained by the next lines. THANK YOU!.

How can you colaborate as a company?
  • Becoming your company as a member of Delwende (regular donations).
  • Signing a cooperation agreement
  • Making a donation or funding projects.
  • Promoting Delwende among employees in your company.
  • Offering services and material resources which can be exploited in mission land (eg. Medicines, school supplies or any kind of direct collaboration between companies with implementation in mission and the mission themselves).
How can we collaborate with your business?
  • Giving visibility to your company in the website Delwende.
  • Mentioning to the annual report of Delwende that will we post in this site.
  • Spreading our gratitude to your company through our members.
  • Harmonizing your interests and those of this NGO.

Propose a collaboration with your company on this form so we can consider it.

There are also many ways to collaborate with solidary initiatives

This type of initiative can be performed by any person, group or company and searches for both the sensibility as the fundraising to benefit to Delwende. Initiatives like this can be example:

  • Organize a concert.
  • Organize a dance in the morning.
  • A match of sport between famous, or just parents of students or sport exhibition of any kind.
  • A theater performance.
  • A performance of magic.
  • Visits organized to museum.
  • Etc…
What can you do?, make your solidarity proposal

Any activity that may be attractive and you feel able to organize with our collaboration will be welcome.

Tell us your ideas from here

You can become a Volunteer in Delwende

You have all the information that interests you on the topic of volunteering in this document.

You can also include us in your will or life insurance

You can include us on your life insurance or your testament for share a part of your wealth with the most needed people of the world. It is a late manifestation of a caring culture.