Ecuador needs “Help to the really needed ones, and not to forget the ones on way”

One month already has passed since the last earthquakes in Ecuador, although it seems like all is over, but actually it is far away from the pure reality. Once the first horror, which moved our hearts has passed, the complicated still to arrive.
Now we must fight to remember and not forget about what have happened, since the victims of this brutal horror need us. Sister Laura Isabel, sent us this testimony from Quito: “Monday, April 18th from our small workshop we have started an awareness campaign with children and parents, in fact, these people, although their poverty has brought food, what is basically the most essential for our brothers.
The parish where we belong to is not very agile, so we have joined forces with Sra Susana Tutínand, and LC with her family to collect food; Last week she and her family went to a far place deep in the country to hand the collected food, where nobody has yet arrived; Susana wrote and told me with eyes full of tears, requested her to come back and do not to forget them, therefore we will continue with our campaign to collect food supply since she plans to go back in August;Maybe you wonder why we kept helping here, simple because we wanted to help to these people, who lives far away from the main cities and didn’t receive any aid, this why Susana went personally to hand the food to the needed ones and make sure no one will be forgotten.

Delwende keeps working and fighting to exclude social injustice. With your support and the excellent work of the Sisters of Consolation, we will succeed