One of the most common terms in recent times is the word “recession”. The most visible evidence of this recession is the increase of poverty and hunger in the world, especially in the south. Nevertheless, there has never been as much wealth as there is today. What is happening is that each and every time this wealth is getting concentrated in fewer hands. “While the earnings of few grow exponentially, the earnings of the majority are getting even further away from the well-being of those lucky few. This imbalance comes from the ideologies that defend the absolute autonomy of the market and financial speculation. Thus negating the power of control of the State, which is in charge of safeguarding the common well-being”, points out the Pope Francis (E.G. nº 56). An impacting piece of information would be the last report from Oxfam: 1% of humanity possesses more than 50% of the planet’s wealth.

What happens around the world also appears in Spain. The economic policies that the Market and the Troika are imposing on us, “in a unilateral and relentless way with their laws and rules”, are increasing the wealth of a minority in the countries of Europe, whilst wide sectors of the population sink into poverty. The most typical case has been Greece. From all parts of the planet voices are being raised and there have been mobilisations looking for new alternatives. From this is emerging a way of thinking that looks for a subtle change in the way of living and organising the society in order to make it more just, solidary, peaceful and environmentally-friendly.

The reign of capital has strength, weapons, money and power, but it lacks truth, which the victims of the system and those who dream and fight for an alternative world have.

Written by Fernando Bermúdez

Translated by Adrian Chapple