Four tasks for today

Who is up to doing this task?

To love sounds nice but to truly love something isn’t an act. It’s a lifestyle. To love means dedication.

The rest comes with it: who LOVES, lives, feels and, of course, smiles.

People smile when they see the ones they love showing happiness; they feel the happiness and pain of the ones they love as if it were theirs; and they bring life to those they love.

I think that we must have an example. There must be someone who has shown huge displays of love for everyone… Let me think…

Maria Rosa Molas, who devoted her life to making the world a better place where all the people, whatever their situation, would have a place where they could love, live, feel and smile.

And she must have done it well, because 200 years after she was born, the Consolation family continues trying to preserve that little bit of sky she left behind her. And that is why we, with great excitement, have prepared to start off this year of the bicentennial of her birth, with the reminder that, if we decide to undertake this task, as she did, with excitement and without obstacles trying to discourage and sadden us, we can keep fulfilling this task in which the Sisters of the Consolation lead and we, who accompany them, even though we don’t have their strength, can spread this undertaking to more people.

From this other point of view, we would like to invite all our young people to love, live, feel and smile as Maria Rosa Molas did. Who is with me?

Written by Ana Bellido

Translated by Adrian Chapple