Care Center “Carmen Colera” in Ceilândia (Brazil)

In this center are served, through the “Grow” project, more than 160 children aged three to fourteen years in poverty, risk of abandonment and educational backwardness and social exploitation.

Founded in 1993, Delwende collaborates with the project since 2002.

Working with children is done through workshops in dance, theater, music, reinforcement classes, capoeira, sports, recreation and socio-pedagogical and psychological support.

Ceilândia is located about thirty kilometers from Brasilia, the capital. The primary Education in Brazil is compulsory until the age of 14-15, with the peculiarity that all schools have two shifts of work, ie students only go to classes or morning or afternoon .

This reality is what generates that in cities like Ceilândia, children during the time they are not in school are on the street while their parents (if they have, or grandparents or who has the care) walk looking for life as they can, and the creatures, with independence of their age, left to care for the street, teacher at tricks,  drugs, begging, prostitution, etc., which far exceeds the daily work of the school whichever they belong.

And … this is where the CCC (Care Center Carmen Colera),  a center of the Sisters of Consolation to welcome children up to age 15 who are most disadvantaged in the street and at high risk of social exploitation. The facility currently has a capacity to accommodate 160 children divided into two shifts, morning and evening, depending on your school day. Besides all the program that develops during the day in the center, to the group that comes in the morning receives you breakfast and lunch, and the group coming afternoon, snack and dinner. For many of them, if not almost for most, is the only food they have to date.

For children, who come to the center this is your home. They call to the  center like  “the project” as it is called by educators around the program human-social-Christian educational that develops in the CCC during the time children are in it .

Specifically called “Grow Project” and has been awarded twice by UNICEF.

Project actions

2002Support for teaching materials.
2005Financing adaptation works to the building construction and renovation of the entrance courtyard and toilets.
2006Arrangement of the roof of the center Carmen Colera, acquiring sewing machines, and educational materials, and living arrangement.
2015 and 2016Computer room and support staff.
2005 to 2014, 2016 to 2022Annual collaboration with the running costs of the center, paying the same monitors and operating activities and expenditures.
2023Included in the 2023 budget and pending collection for: Center Salaries and also healthcare contracting for safety and occupational medicine.


Ceilândia, administrative region of the Federal District of Brazil