Centre for Social Advancement of Women in Atakpamé (Togo)

The aim of the Centre is to support the integral human development of teenager girls and young women who never had access to school.

The students receive basic literacy and learn the skills necessary to be a hairdresser or a dressmaker, and the basics of information systems for local business to run as cooperatives.

They receive further integral training covering all aspects of education, such as cultural knowledge and basic hygiene.

The courses are set up according to the interests of young learners: dressmaking (three years) and hairdressing (two years). Once finished, students will take a State Exam to obtain an official diploma for accreditation. There is an additional training week covering hygiene, sicknesses related to poor hygiene and sickness prevention, and physical and psychological awareness.

There are also after school workshops to learn to dye material and produce soap.

The Centre accepts young learners from far away – as a boarding school system-, mainly students with difficult family circumstances, to allow their access to education.

In addition, the Centre organises different activities for the local community: a summer school intended to care for children while parents are farming the land, library services for secondary school children, it also provides occasional medical assistance, offers grants to secondary and university students without resources, adult education and others.

The Centre´s main activity is working with 45 women between 15-25 years of age, and for a period of 3 years.

Project actions

1999Assistance in the acquisition of the land to construct the envisaged Centre of Social Assistance for women.
2000Built a well to make the Centre self-sufficient.
2001 and 2002Collaboration in the construction and the resourcing of the consolidated Centre for Social Advancement of women without any access to education.
2003Provided a library accessible not only to students and teachers, but also to any person who may need it.
2004Provided hairdryers and sewing machines to complement the education with practical experience.
2005Extended the building to include new classrooms and increase the capacity of the Centre, and built an Apatam: a porch with tables and blackboards.
2020Painting of walls and doors of the Center building.
2002 to 2022Gave financial support to the running of the Centre: to provide equipment, maintenance, teachers´ wages, basic services.
2023Included in the 2023 budget and pending collection for: Support to the running of the Center.



Atakpamé, Plateaux Region (Togo)