Feeding Program Makopa in Quezon City (Philippines)

It is a Centre to feed undernourished boys and girls on the ground floor of a 3 floor building, where the Consolación Sisters live, in one of the poorest areas of Quezon City in Metro-Manilla.

The building is very close to a recently urbanised settlement with thousands of families living in houses made out of cardboard and tins, under a bridge that sustains a highway crossroad.

The canteen (Feeding Center) receives 60 children from the area, between the ages of 2 and 6 years, which have been selected by the State based on their medically evaluated undernourishment condition and for a period of six months, in which they receive medical assistance, a protein diet, and vitamin shock treatment to recover their health, and they receive a basic pre-school education in Tagalo and English.

The Centre also gives education to adults, as a School for Parents, mainly on family planning, dietetics, hygiene. Additionally, during school holidays, the centre runs a Summer School (months of April and May) to continue supporting education and offer activities to children from the area.


Children arrive in the morning: they have a Choco-Milk and engage in the activities of the day. They have their vitamins. They wash their hands and face and they eat. They wash themselves again and they leave to return the next day.

The following is the educational program:

  • Socialization exercises
  • Drawing following multiple techniques
  • Singing in Tagalog and English
  • Pre-Reading
  • Introduction to math
  • Corporate Expression. Dance.

Medical assistance:

  • Complete medical check up, including radiography. During the first trial, it was detected that 90% had primary complex TB (tuberculosis).
  • Each day they have multivitamins.
  • Wounds are treated on a daily basis, and they are mainly due to the lack of cleanliness.


The children get a menu rich in proteins and vitamins, prepared by a Philippine cook who knows resources in the country well and the taste of children. The purpose is to preserve their traditions while introducing new habits of good nourishing and correct behaviour at the table.

The Centre:

It is a ground floor of 385 m2 with three big eating rooms that can be transformed into classrooms, two of which are 31,5 m2 and one of 42 m2, three toilets (one of them is double), a kitchen, a storage room, a reception room of 31,5 m2, a visitors` room and a multi-purpose room of 56 m2, which can be annexed to the 42 m2 room where the parent meeting and other social activities are held.

There is also a 45,50 m2 playground and a parking area at the rear.

Project actions

2006 to 2008Support the running of the canteen and the educational program in the house rented by the Sisters in Quezon City.
2004Participation in the construction of appropriate facilities to run the activity of the Centre (Feeding of undernourished boys and girls).
2010 to 2022Collaboration with the running of the Centre in multiple ways such as paying food, vitamins, medicines, wages (trainers and cookers), equipment, building maintenance and basic services.
2023Included in the 2023 budget and pending collection for: Help for the operation of the Project.


Malibú, Quezon City, Metro Manila (Philippines)