Food and social care for families with multiple social needs in Salamanca.

The Sisters of Consolation until 2012 attending a nursery for children in vulnerable situations in the north section of Salamanca Garrido District.

The Social Care Centre that Delwende funds in this city, opened with the main objective to support families with social necessities because of unemployment, marginalization, ignorance, … often motivated by status an emigrant.

Initially the Centre was installed in the same premises of the nursery, but existing infrastructure, were not adequate.
During 2014 the operation of the Centre moved to a place with more suitable conditions, located in the basement of the rental space Don Bosco of Salamanca.

The main objective of the project is: “Open a door to hope Salamanca families fleeing the misery and poverty.”

And it has the following objectives:

  • Serve needy families with children.
  • Monthly distribution of basic food for families without recourse, in collaboration with the “Food Bank Salamanca”.
  • Visit and monitoring families more vulnerable state.
  • Training workshops for children and their mothers.
  • Offer integration activities or social structure.

The Centre has the support of a group of 40 adult volunteers to distribute food, and a number of university students about for other activities.

It serves a total of approximately 400 families with the usual food delivery. Workshops accompanying women and children 2 to 10 years are also available.

A group of volunteers, coordinated by the Sisters, make weekly visits to families to better understand their reality, and to support and expression of solidarity.

Also other specific activities as are performed:

  • Summer camp for children between 2 and 10 years: July.
  • Solidary Christmas: Three Kings Festival for children. Gift-giving. December and January.
  • Consolation charity market. May and others.
  • Workshops for women and youth people: Dance, self-esteem, crafts, … Several time a year.
  • Talks and round tables, various issues. Several time a year.
    Delwende economic contribution is vital for this project.
  • Talks or round tables, various topics. Several a year.

Delwende’s financial contribution is vital for this project.

Project actions

2015 and 2016Annual subvention of 10,900 euros intended to support the operation of the project.



Salamanca, Castilla León region (Spain)