Nursing Home for Elderly “Our Lady of Mercy” in La Islita (Chile)

This home in the beginning, over 50 years ago, was a municipal school. In 1974 became in a Elderly Home,  but the suitability of the property was made to a new application so that the basic conditions for the care of elderly people were not fulfilled.

In 2001, with the help of Delwende, conditioning the building was improved, galleries that had been previously open and which necessarily had to pass the elderly to access their bedrooms has been closed . It also built a  large Living room, cheerful and comfortable living , thereby facilitating during the harsh winter of Chile, avoid to the elderly, bronchial diseases, pneumonia, colds, etc.
Two years later, Delwende finances new reforms on site geriatric equipping the centre with showers, installation of new windows, replacement of floors, etc.

Currently the home has 47 residents of both sexes, divided into 8 bedrooms. The ninth bedroom was transformed into nursing.

The resident population consists of people of advanced age, who do not have any pension and there are many families who can not assist in the acquisition of the necessary materials for the hygiene and care of the elderly, such as diapers, drugs, etc.

To maintain the operation of the Home in the proper conditions of dignity for the elderly, the Sisters of Consolation need of external support and therefore have requested the assistance of Delwende.

Project actions

2001Refurbishment of the residence in order to adapt to the needs of the elders: closing passage galleries , a laundry facility , a warehouse and a pantry, building a new living room , as well as the acquisition of costumes.
2003Construction of geriatric showers, window replacement, replacement of floors and other reforms.
2005Construction of the enclosed cemetery niches and to paint the walls of the residence.
2009Aid for the purchase of furniture and equipment from the residence.
2012Acquisition of hospital beds and furniture, adapted cranes to facilitate the mobility of elderly, new washing machine, etc.


La Islita, commune of Isla de Maipo, Talagante Province in Santiago Metropolitan Region (Chile)