Nutrition and Training Center in Leticia. Supe Puerto (Peru)

The project dining-room in Leticia San Juan Diego aims to running a stable soup kitchen in which people who need it and are given training to improve their future based on its present situation, age and outlook .

Delwende has subsidized the costs of this project since its commissioning in 2012.

At present the direct beneficiaries of the center are 7 complete families 10 single mothers with their children, 2 pregnant women and 8 elderly who are alone.  It is intended to expand the number of beneficiaries up to serve about 100 people.

The ages of the beneficiaries are from 1 year to 85 years.

In the most extreme cases the families are helped to providing them milk and to care for children.

Project actions

2012 to 2017Collaboration with project funding through an annual subsidy to cover the operating costs of the centre.
2016Provision for a library in the social center.
2018Collaboration with the operation of the dining room and the library.
2019 and 2020Help with the operation of the School and material for the workshops.
2022Rehabilitation of the structure of the Consolación Center.
2023Included in the 2023 budget and pending collection for: Purchase of material and expansion of equipment.



Leticia, Supe Puerto district, Province of Barrancas in Lima Department (Peru)