Operation of home “Virgin of the Ivy” (Kaika-Wasiyki) in Sucre (Bolivia)

In the home “Virgin of the Ivy” thirty children, aged between 4 and 18 years, are welcome.

The status of each of the thirty children and young people living in the home is special, as some are orphans, others abused and there are those who are completely abandoned by their relatives or your family does not cooperate in their welfare.

Some are in psychiatric and neurological treatment and medication is very expensive. Children, age five, lose the “benefit of free health” (SUMI).  Home should therefore cover all costs the health and welfare involved in their treatment.

The overall aim of the Home is to provide an environment that facilitates healthy and normal development, providing them comprehensive education, trying to develop harmoniously all its capabilities.

The center has 27 rooms including bedroom, bathroom and kitchenette, and several rooms, wards and units in which the training of boys living there develops.

In addition, the home features a large multipurpose room, whose construction was funded by Delwende in 2005,  consisting of a library, a set of restrooms and a classroom study . In this room also serves other children and young people in the neighborhood who can find a scope to study and work,  that they do not always find in their homes.

The boys attend morning classes at a public school, under a continuous day and evening, when they back home, they were accompanied by the realization of school and chores. Similarly, young people are cared for by a social worker, psychologist and are trained in other fields, such as computer, agricultural,  etc.

In 2012 a new building for teens was built, which means that the home has to hire new staff to attend because the state is minimal collaboration. Three more teachers are needed.

It is pursued that the young leave the home with vocational training to enable them to work involvement in society or they favor, to which can be, access to higher education.

Project actions

2005Construction of Multipurpose Room in the Children’s Home “Virgin of the Ivy”.
2006Renovation of toilets and food acquisition and materials for hygiene.
2009Acquisition of a minibus to transport residents.
2011Works of repair and maintenance of the Home.
2010 a 2014Collaboration with the maintenance of the Center by an annual grant to cover the costs of staff salaries and the purchase of materials, supplies and cleaning, as well as other medical expenses.



Sucre, province of Oropeza, Chuquisaca department (Bolivia)