Isolated Collaborations

Sometimes specific needs, although the contributions are small Delwende can contribute to substantially improve the quality of life of beneficiaries to which they are intended for.


  • Repairs and Installations at Casa Hogar San José in Barcelona.
  • Help build a well in Caicara del Orinoco.
  • Support for the purchase of a tractor for Casa Hogar San José in Barcelona.
  • Help to pay staff salaries Kindergarten in El Pinar in Tucaní.
  • School supplies for the Casa Hogar of San José in Barcelona.
  • Repair of toilets and living room in the Casa Hogar de San José in Barcelona.


  • Support for the construction of new classrooms in the school in Ozumbilla.
  • Acquisition of a van to Santa Caterina Mercy Home in Monterey.
  • Assemble a computer room in Chimalhuacan.


  • Remodeling the college of Santa Rosa.
  • Help to teachers in Taffi Viejo.
  • Help staff salaries in a dining room in Concepción.
  • Buy of a wheelchair and medical help for a needy child in Concepción.


  • Support the construction of a community center in Guarapari.
  • Course anti-violence in Guarapari.
  • Help to pay the salaries of teachers of Campinas.
  • Acquisition of a sewing machine in São Paulo.
  • Acquisition of a motorcycle to invalid people in Guarapari.


  • Construction of a mill and purchase of a generator in Lomé.
  • Construction of a well in Iko-Akpa.
  • Buying a knitting machine Atakpamé.
  • Support for the construction of a clinic in Okama.


  • Construction of a well and a water tank in Matola.
  • Acquisition of a prosthesis for the arm of a disabled man in Inhambane.

Burkina Faso:

  • Installation of a mill in Dafina.

Help Emergencies:

  • Helps the victims of Hurricane Mitch in November 1998.
  • Help for the victims of the tsunami that occurred in December 2005.
  • Help for the victims of the earthquake in Nepal occurred in April 2015
  • Help for Syrian refugees in 2015.
  • Help the victims of the Haiti earthquake in 2021.
  • Help victims of Hurricane Odette in the Philippines in 2021.
  • Help rebuild the Safané Hospital due to a fire in 2021.
  • Help those affected by the war in Ukraine in 2022.


Venezuela, México, Argentina, Brasil, Togo, Mozambique, Burkina Faso