Project “Solidaridad y Misericordia” in Alto Hospicio, Iquique (Chile)

“LAS TOMAS” is a population located on the commune of Alto Hospicio. Most of the families come from other regions of the country, lured by Iquique’s economical grown and better life expectancy. Nevertheless, they have ended up on one of the biggest encampments in Chile, Alto Hospicio.

In the middle of the expansion that this commune has experienced, in the heart of the zone known as La Pampa, since the year 200, is found the called “toma de la Erradicacion”. Around 1,200 families of limited resources, have settled in houses built from cholguan wood, nylon roof and no basic services.

The objective of the project is helping families that are deeply deprived from the most basic needs with the care that they require through small ventures, which can empower them with a sense of dignity and economically so they can help their children with education and a better life. To meet this important objective several routes have been defined:

  • Work with young volunteers on the promotion of human values, for children and youngster which are socially vulnerable.
  • Facilitate entrepreneurships (social workshops, self-help, couture, paintwork) to women with no education, empowering them with tools to earn their living, giving them access to more opportunities.
  • Guide and rehabilitate youngsters vulnerable to drug use, alcoholism or prostitution.

The project currently counts with a van, acquired on 2016 thanks to Delwende, to transport the donations through the long distances and sometimes there are no funds to pay these travels. It also helps to keep in touch with the families on site, to keep their spirits and dignity high, from a society that has marginalized and mark out them, due to the precarious conditions they live in. the van allows to make easier to achieve the project objectives.

Project actions

2016Acquisition of a van to facilitate transportation.
2017 to 2019Help with the college operations providing food, petrol, workshop materials and help to families.


Alto Hospicio, province of Iquique, Region of Tarapacá (Chile)