School ” The Consolation ” in Valle (Ecuador)

Built with input from Delwende in 2003, “The Consolation” is a private school to care for people with limited financial resources, for different reasons, can not access state schools.

The number of seats in state schools on the outskirts of the city of Cuenca, does not cover the entire demand, so that the children of families who live in urban areas, have limited access to education.

The school “Consolation” was created to assist people with limited financial resources, that by illiteracy of parents or for reasons of distance, no access to the public system.

The state of education in the area is characterized , among others, by the following indicators: the persistence of illiteracy, low educational level, repetition rate, high school dropouts, deficient educational infrastructure and poor teaching materials.

The aim is to contribute to the development of the area of ​​the rural parish of El Valle, by offering educational opportunities and improved quality of life during childhood education, providing an environment that facilitates healthy and normal development, giving them an education comprehensive and awarding them a future of marginalization.

The school has 314 pupils aged between 5 and 14 years of basic education.
Ten teachers and workers that are employed in the school have a stable job. In addition, approximately 120 parents are involved in parents school.

As is logical “pensions” paid by children are minimal, having to adapt to the possibilities of families, school being absolutely free for those who need it. This makes school costs can not be covered and his permanence depends, for now, of foreign aid.

Delwende helps maintain this mixed private elementary school,  by subsidizing a portion of the salaries of teachers in formal education, as well as the costs of its operation. We worked with the school at various times since its construction, with subsidies of 62% of the costs, as well as additional aid for provision of furniture and other equipment beyond.

Project actions

2000 and 2001Support for the construction of a center for human development.
2002Collaboration with the maintenance of a social dining.
2003 and 2004Collaboration with financing the construction and equipping of the school “The Consolation”.
2005Purchases of furniture to equip the classrooms as well as the purchase of computers.
2007Acquisition of schooling materials.
2010Construction of a court with roof for outdoor activities.
2016Provision for the Natural Sciences Laboratory
2005 to 2018Annual collaboration with the running costs of the school helping to pay the salaries of teachers and the costs of maintenance and operation of the centre.


El Valle, Cuenca Region, province of Azuay (Ecuador)