Shelter house for Women in Salamanca (Spain)

The Shelter Home for Women in Salamanca is a charity and social centre consisting of a residence for pregnant women and children under one year who lack economic resources and family and social support.

The project “WOMAN BE HAPPY, LIFE is in your” has like general objective  to provide these women the resources of health, human, psychological, social and spiritual. The aim is to achieve a personal balance, regain their independence and reintegration into society.

The specific objectives of the project are intended to:

  • In the area of Health:
    • Provide an environment of peace and tranquility.
    • Ensure adequate food.
    • Teaching hygiene habits.
    • Use adequately the medical-health and social services.
    • Regulate health status (doctor, pediatrician).
    • Provide gynecological, maternal and sexual basic training.
  • In the human-psychological area:
    • Seek your personal development through assertiveness, responsibility, self-esteem, emotional control, ….
    • Enhancing personal autonomy.
    • Teaching values: solidarity, tolerance, freedom, …
    • Provide social skills.
  • In the Social area:
    • Regularize their social situation: Census, obtaining documentation, ….
    • Give a qualified job training to empower them socially, and allow promote and integrate into their environment.
    • Facilitate access to the labor market.
  • In the spiritual area:
    • Facilitate a personal accompaniment.
    • To invite to participation in spiritual acts.

Project actions

2012 a 2013Working through an annual grant to help the running costs of the Centre.


Salamanca, Castilla León region (Spain)