Social Medical Center “Notre Dame de la Consolation” in Atakpamé (Togo)

The construction of Social Medical Center “Notre Dame de la Consolation” was carried out from 2006 to 2009 thanks to the contributions made by Delwende, has 22 inpatient beds, 28 local employees and serves over 5,000 people annually.

The center was created to provide primary medical care to the local population and  the same time maintaining a toll-free performance for the most disadvantaged. Although the hospital maintains an online income by services offered, is not yet reached self-sufficient. Delwende helps run of the Public Medical Centre ensuring the payment of medical supplies and wages of the 28 local employees.

All local employees of the template of SMC (Social Medical Center) were recruited so they know not only the French language but also several other native dialects allowing them to serve all patients and, in the case of health workers, to  apply the medical uses most appropriate to their cultural and food environment.

The SMC is run by the Sisters of Consolation, occupying the positions of the school management, responsible of pharmacy and in charge to the cash.

The medical staff consists of a physician, a gynecologist, four registered nurses in the State, four auxiliary nurses, certified technician and an State Laboratory adjutant, two pharmacy assistants and a caretaker of Laboratory. The rest of the staff is composed by personnel management, maintenance and services (cleaning, guards, …) .

It is have built two family homes to facilitate the retention near of the hospital of the emergency personnel (doctor and midwife), and has also built a house to accommodate Cooperating doctors and medical staff, volunteers who travel from Spain to pass queries specialty (dentistry, ophthalmology, pediatrics, …) during the period of your holiday. This contribution of specialized medicine is a very important thing given the necessary complement of staff shortages in this zone.

The main data of activities during 2012 and 2013 were:

ACTIVITY 2014 2015 2016
Hospital patients: 694 737 635
Treated pregnancies: 307 334 295
Births attended: 159 222 169
Consultations postnatal for babies: 250 262 305
Children in correct vaccination status: 364 423 303
Analyzes performed in the laboratory: 12,937 16,636 16,116
Care in outpatient: 4,449 5,524 5,741

Project actions

2006 to 2008Construction of Health Medical Center “Notre Dame de la Consolation” with areas of general hospitalization, maternity, laboratory, pharmacy, outpatient area and pavilions service.
2009 and 2010Purchase of 4×4 vehicle and its adaptation to the ambulance service, furnishings, laboratory and pharmacy.
2011Commissioning of general practice areas of Social Medical Center hospital.
2012Commissioning of the maternity ward.
2015 and 2016Help for the acquisition of an all-terrain vehicle.
2019Acquisition of a hematology automaton.
2011 to 2019Annual Support for the operation of SMC, collaboration with the costs of salaries of local staff, medicines, maintenance and operation.
2020Included in the 2020 budget and pending collection for: Support for the operation of the Medical Center and installation of solar panels.



Atakpamé, Plateaux Region (Togo)