The Delwende vocation is to help anyone in need in the poorest countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America through the Missionaries of Our Ladies of Consolation.

We intent to enter your house, in the house of anyone who feels the need to be supportive, we know that there are many ways to show your solidarity but we want you to know that our organization can be your choice or at least one of them.

We have 31 LOCAL DELEGATIONS distributed throughout Spain so that, if you wish, you can collaborate more closely.



We want an organization that make transparency flag should be required to an Development NGO. In our ESTATUTES and our CHARTER OF IDENTITY you can read the aims and objectives for our Development NGO.

We want you to know that this is an organization where all staff from the Board of Directors to the new member, is voluntary. We work in solidarity for intimate satisfaction that produces do something for others and by the certainty that the word can be more just.

Because of this we can say that the donations you make will send to the mission areas.


Values like solidarity, freedom, equal rights and opportunities and justice are our reason for being.

Our commitment to education and training programs as well as health issues and social human and justifies the effort of our mission that through our collaboration, acquire the material resources to successfully carry out charitable projects.

We do it with your help..

In a word “rich” should not be poor and marginalized even less, so the word that defines our word in Spain is SOLIDARITY, or perhaps, CULTURE of SOLIDARITY.In a word “rich” should not be poor and marginalized even less, so the word that defines our word in Spain is SOLIDARITY, or perhaps, CULTURE of SOLIDARITY.


Continentes Delwende

According to our identity card, Delwende is “To be a channel in the service of life” so that those most in need have full access to human right programs in their overall development and participate in the building of a more human world, with a future fair for all.”.

Fulfilling this mission requires us and we conduct projects of various kinds:

Development projects with development goals and promoting peoples and cultures.

Educational projects that meet one of the rights recognized as being guarantors of the development of peoples.

Health projects, are priorities for our NGO and we aims to reduce child mortality, improving maternal health and combating endemicdiseases.

But not only these, our projecs are open to all that needs to be comforted, counseled, helped; regardless of gender, language, race, or religion of the person. Is not just bread or shelter, that no one feelts the loneliness and helplessness.

Delwende is a Development NGO of Public Interest by M.O. order of January 29, 2007, register under number 162569 in the register of Association of Interior Ministry and the number nº 16 in the Development NGO Register of AECID.

A member of the NGO Coordinator of the Murcia Region, (CONGDRM), of the Aragon Federation Solidarity (FAS) an NGO Federation Madrid Community (FONGCAM).

Delwede “In the service of life” born in 1997, at the initiative of the Sister of Our Lady of Consolation.

The name’s choose for it name consists of two concepts that express their meaning and identity:

  • The first, Delwende, came from a word Moré, a language of Burkina Faso, which means Supported in God.
  • From this be Supported in God, we want to reach all those in need our Service in Life.

You can get in touch with us through the page “contact” or by clicking this link