Nursery and Dining Room “Escolinha” in Inhambane (Mozambique)

The construction project of this Escolinha is called as the followers because so with this name, children are identified in the country by the fact that those who are to secure the future of the country and we wanted to import the nomination to our project because being this a term familiar to our culture.

The project involves the construction of a nursery school for children between 3 and 6 years.

Three classrooms lodge three groups of children in the morning and another group in the afternoon. A lounge and games for children coming in morning until early afternoon and have a lunch and rest at school because their parents are at home or for work.

Kitchen with a warehouse to perform the tasks of heating and even prepare food for the children who stay all day in the Nursery; warehouse is required to store products and cleaning supplies and kitchen equipment.

An open space with roof for festive and playful encounters place destined for all students.

Similarly, spaces for steering and host parents.

Some bathrooms placed in the back of the building for children and teachers, as well as a small space, for hygiene of children who need it throughout the day.

The nursery currently houses 258 students between 3 and 6 who are the direct beneficiaries of it, receiving education and preventing these children often stay home alone or bad cared by parents having to go to work so they would have to be left home alone under care for an elderly person, that often ignore them.

These children and their families benefit from the education that children receive because the Centre always seeks to involve families in the education of their children to be more effective in helping the growth of these students.

Beneficiaries are also the teachers who work at the Centre and the cleaning staff. The teachers working there are young girls with few resources and essential training for the work they are doing; in relation with training available to these young people, they are accompanied in order to consolidate their pedagogical training and to provide an education of quality.

Project actions

2014Construction of a dining room and game room and rest.
2015Construction of classrooms for children between 3 and 5 years.
2016 and 2017Aid for construction of a closing wall.
2017Helps reconstruction after the damage caused by tropical storm Dineo.
2018Construction of a bedroom.
2019Construction of bathrooms and reconstruction of the enclosure wall destroyed by the 2017 hurricane.
2020Construction of a warehouse for the safeguarding of materials from the Escolinha.



Irmãs de Nossa Senhora da Consolação, Bairro Muelé, 1, Inhambane (Moçambique).